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On what I do and Upcoming Performances

The words translation and interpretation emerge both as term and meaning when witnessing or reading a piece of art, performance or text. Further talking about the experienced is again translating our own understanding back into words, text and language. If everything is text - following and reinterpreting Jacques Derrida's words - then what does it mean to read, perceive, interpret?

I see my work as always situated in the inbetween spaces, wether it may be described as the work of a dancer, choreographer, artist or as art work, a dance piece, an installation or text, into and out of the body. I believe in art as universally understood without offering only one understanding. Making people think and reflect as its main purpose. An art of moving, to move and make move,



15th of November

make a move collective strikes again, this time with "Empowering Spaces" at Zeitzeug Festival, Bochum


NEW!! Every Thursday 10h-11.30h Contact Class at TanzFaktur with our new team of teachers: Yana Novotorova, Maayan Reiter, Bryce Kasson & myself


Next Contact Class // Jam at TanzFaktur, Köln

Sat, 10th of November  14h-18h (Class before Jam)  


A research on listening, sound, voice and perception in collaboration with voice anthropologist and singer Ulrike Sowodniok, supported by Foerderprogramm der SK Stiftung Kultur and ZAIK.

further dates tbc

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m a k e    a    m o v e     c o l l e c t i v e

Ever since the City Dance Köln from 2016 under the artistic direction of Stephanie Thiersch/mouvoir, our collective has been evolving and is becoming a format on its own in a mix of Parkour and Contemporary Dance throughout different spaces. With invitations to festivals in Cologne and elsewhere the make a move collective is moving on, now also with the support of IKF and ecce. 

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D O . n o t . g o . g e n t l y .

8th of December at ehrenfeldstudios, Köln.


Dance/Performance/Creation – Akiko Ahrendt, Salim Benmammar, Jennifer Döring, Dwayne Holliday, Karoline Strys
Concept/Choreography – Dwayne Holliday


Supported by Stadt Köln and TanzFaktur

A   s o l o   f o r   t w o

After the recovery of an injury "A Solo for Two" is soon to be back. Udapte coming soon. For more information on the piece, please click here