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On what I do and Upcoming Performances

The words translation and interpretation emerge both as term and meaning when witnessing or reading a piece of art, performance or text. Further talking about the experienced is again translating our own understanding back into words, text and language. If everything is text - following and reinterpreting Jacques Derrida's words - then what does it mean to read, perceive, interpret?

I see my work as always situated in the inbetween spaces, wether it may be described as the work of a dancer, choreographer, artist or as art work, a dance piece, an installation or text, into and out of the body. I believe in art as universally understood without offering only one understanding. Making people think and reflect as its main purpose. An art of moving, to move and make move,



 September 2 till 6, teaching the Profitraining at ZAIK/TanzFaktur, Cologne 

September 3 and 4 - The Audience is Present, with SEE! Performance, Ausstellungshalle Alte Feuerwache, Cologne 

September 6, 19h - SpontanResidency Showing at TanzFaktur 

September 22, Exhibition Museo Neomudejar

September 23-26, In Residency at TROIS-C-L Luxembourg

September 28, Lecture Demonstration at Symposium Sens(e)action, GTF, Zürcher Hochschule der Künste




A research on listening, sound, voice and perception in collaboration with voice anthropologist and singer Ulrike Sowodniok, supported by Foerderprogramm der SK Stiftung Kultur and ZAIK.

NEXT PERFORMANCES: May 23, Church St. Michael, Freie Performance Kultur KÖLN 20h

May, 25, K77 Studio, BERLIN 20h

Lab on May, 22, Tor28, Cologne

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m a k e    a    m o v e     c o l l e c t i v e

Ever since the City Dance Köln from 2016 under the artistic direction of Stephanie Thiersch/mouvoir, our collective has been evolving and is becoming a format on its own in a mix of Parkour and Contemporary Dance throughout different spaces. With invitations to festivals in Cologne and elsewhere. The make a move collective is moving on, now also with the support of IKF and ecce, Stadt Köln, Kunststiftung NRW and Landesbüro Freie Darstellende Künste NRW for "positive Anschläge 0.1"

See also: www.makeamovecollective.com

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P s y c h e d e l i c   c h o i r

Since January 2019 singer with the Psychedelic Choir organized by the composer and artist Zorka Wollny

In concert:

July 27, 2019 - Festival Konteksty, Sokolowsko, Poland

May 25, 2019 - Studio 77, Berlin

July 11, 2019 - From Breath to Matter Series, Kunsthaus KuLe, Berlin


A   s o l o   f o r   t w o

After the recovery of an injury "A Solo for Two" is soon to be back. Udapte coming soon. For more information on the piece, please click here