G E S U M m s

A research on listening, sound, voice and perception in collaboration with voice anthropologist and singer Ulrike Sowodniok, supported by Foerderprogramm der Sparkasse KölnBonn through SK Stiftung Kultur. more info

C i t y   r u n n e r*   m o u v o i r

Ever since the City Dance Köln from 2016 under the artistic direction of Stephanie Thiersch/mouvoir, our collective of city runners has been evolving and is becoming a format on its own in a mix of Parkour and Contemporary Dance throughout different spaces with the support of mouvoir/Stephanie Thiersch.

Upcoming: 13th of October.

*name not fixed yet

More info coming soon.... www.urbäng.de

A  S o l o  f o r  t w o

'A Solo for Two' is writing the musical score of the fugue as a choreography into space. Music and movement are interlaced finding ground on the fine relation between the two performers that appear as one entity that gradually breaks apart, their characters emerge and start to oppose each other.

Concept/Performance: Valérie Kommer, Karoline Strys

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o n  d e c o n s t r u c t i n g  t h e  b o d y

The performance installation "On Deconstructing the Body - Embodied language, shifted word. A transcriptionary discourse in between dance and text" was followed by a research paper and further invitations to different platforms and audiences. Throughout the years this research approach went through various shapes (e.g. the performance "on unex(s)pectations and temporality") and diverse media, such as screenings, writing, Installation, sound, performance, lecture.

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