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P r o f i t r a i n i n g / W o r k s h o p s

c o n t a c t  i m p r o v i s a t i o n


April 11

Contact Class // Jam

14.00-15.30 Class

15.30-18.00 Open Jam


Price for Class + Jam 10 Euros

                   only Jam. 5 Euros

at Tanzfaktur


Tanzfaktur UG

Siegburgerstr. 233w

50679 Köln


Circus Dance Festival - Cologne


Workshop "Dance with me" in collaboration with Yana Novotorova May 30 + Jun 1 




More info here or stay tuned on the mailing list (info[at]karolinestrys.com) for a monthly reminder :)


C l a s s  d e s c r i p t i o n

My class is based on a playful approach to the elements of Contact Improvisation. We will be exploring alone, with a partner or in the group what it means to share, give and receive weight, to trust and let go, to be moved both internally as well as externally, to get into contact, to meet, support and give each other wings.

To me Contact Improvisation means to experience yourself in a different way within and outside of the group, and to enable physical moments that you would not achieve on your own.


I have been invited to teach classes and workshops at various festivals and institutions such as Tanzfaktur, ehrenfeldstudios or the Open Up Yoga Festival. 

u p c o m i n g  T r a i n i n g s

P r o f i t r a i n i n g / W o r k s h o p s

Facilitator Teacher Resume
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May 23- 27, 2022,   10h-11-30h

at Profitraining Köln e.V., TanzFaktur, COLOGNE 


The class will set a focus on a movement quality that celebrates the idea of efficient movement through letting go in body and mind while being playful. We will work from improvisation tasks into smaller phrases that we will build together eventually, always following the principles of a smooth and reactive body that is able to generate speed through release, strength through lengthening and creativity through having fun.

Every day will have a slightly different topic based on my background, such as somatic work and voice, upside down and acrobatics, Parkour or theater related work on composition and group dynamics.


WORKSHOPS make a move collective

June 4 + 5, adults and kids at Circus Dance Festival

Visiting elements of the performance "moving spaces" and the Parkour and Dance vocabulary of the make a move collective. 




Freaky#LAB at ehrenfeldstudios


A workshop on depicting performative strategies in dance and theater. 

This Lab takes a closer look at common strategies in our own performative practice and offers a structure on how to rethink them. In working together and performing for each other we will observe what we do and what we create as a single performer in space as well as how a group is acting - in space, in relation to each other and to the audience. Through tools and tasks that derive from my studies in Direction and Dramaturgy as well as Applied Voice Anthropology, we will challenge and enhance the collective mind, finding out which roles we naturally take when it comes to a performative situation. What unwritten rules do we follow without thinking? Are we trapped in our own thinking patterns? Can we broaden our perspective on how we see, hear and perceive things? 

Finding solutions verbally and non-verbally.


The workshop consists of exercises to sharpen our senses in different modes of perception and further in big parts of performing for each other and observing while using improvised movement, voice and/or text. 



Telling and creating stories with and through body and voice. I see the voice as an integral part of the body with the great potential to reach out further into space,- and to anyone listening.

We will start the lab with specific tasks to become aware of how we listen via the ears and the whole body. What is the difference between hearing and listening? How do I hear myself/others? In simple exercises we will further explore our own voice and movement, seeing singing only as breath with some sound on top of it. Following this statement will make it easy to open up and use the voice more freely in different constellations and technicalities like extended vocal techniques. Then, how do text or improvised stories kick in? Tasks on memory and instant composition will help us access text ‘from within‘ in an uncomplicated way with complex outcome.

In a last step we will look at how we can compose something together as a group - a narrative in space and sound - using the body, voice and text.




Teaching of Profitraining and workshops with focus on performativity, improvisation and body work.

 A movement quality of ease forms the base of this class that derives from the idea of efficient movement through letting go in body and mind and being playful. Elements of BMC and Contact Improvisation will help us float through space and provide the ground for challenge - in the group and as an individual mover - in short phrases that will eventually be built together, improvisation tools and coordination tasks that follow the principles of a smooth and reactive body that is able to generate speed through releasing, strength through lengthening, complexity through spirals and creativity through enjoyment. Together we will explore the creative field of moving in different rhythms, improvisational research, experiencing the world upside down and conquering the space at all matters.


Karoline Strys is a freelancing contemporary dancer and choreographer with a BA in Dance from the Center for Contemporary Dance, Cologne. Her work and teaching is strongly inspired and mainly influenced by practice and studies in manual therapy, Contact Improvisation and voice work. In the past few years these interests brought her to Berlin, Montréal and Cologne to foster her knowledge and collaborate with artists from different fields.