m a k e   a   m o v e   c o l l e c t i v e

The former City Runners of the City Dance Köln enabled through Stephanie Thiersch/mouvoir in 2016 are becoming a format on their own, a site-specific performance that is investigating the mobile infrastructure of everyday life in setting a new view point on it via the means of Parkour and Contemporary Dance. The creative core group form Salim BenMammar, Charlotte Brohmeyer, Jennifer Döring, Maria Golding, Clara Müller, Karoline Strys and Kim Töpfer with the support of mouvoir. Regular guests include: Sven Bande, Kelvin Burkhard, Maayan Reiter, Tim Weseloh and Lin Verleger.


Special thanks for the images by Martin Rottenkolber, Charlotte Brohmeyer, Stephanie Thiersch, Salim Benmammar, Maria Golding, Jennifer Döring and audience