o n  d e c o n s t r u c t i n g  t h e  b o d y

On Deconstructing the Body - Embodied language, shifted word. A transcriptionary discourse in between dance and text


A Performance/Installation - A discourse on translating words into space, movements in space, metaphors in space.
Considering the reader of a text as the first interpreter, it becomes apparent that all reading is subjective and bound to each individual personal view and background which leads further to the question if text needs a reader for its bare existence. Similar issues arise in translation theories that undermine a translation can only be an echo of the original as something is getting lost after shifting from one language to another, from thinking to writing, from reading back to thinking, from performer to spectator, from perception to movement, from one medium to another.
Following the transitory and fluxionary character that lives within the concept of language and art, my research naturally stays alive whilst adapting to certain time and space, leaving traces behind, in memory, form or thought.

Concept, installation, performance, lecture: Karoline Strys

Mentor: Rodrigo Lopez Klingenfuss

All images: Jennifer Döring